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#1 Best Selling Screen Door


When working with home builders, iGotTech caught onto the fact that screen doors are not as common in new homes for front and back doors.  Part of this is cost in building, but also because homeowners are opting for statement doors that would lose their curb appeal if covered by a less-decorative screen door.


The iGotTech’s team started thinking about this.  


After field testing and interviewing homeowners across America, iGotTech created a simple solution to the lack of screen doors on homes...The #1 Best Selling Screen Door.  


Unlike screen doors that preceded iGotTech’s design, their #1 Best Selling Screen Door had:


Tough mesh construction

26 Powerful magnets sewn in the reinforced edges

Velcro around the entire frame (every inch)

Highly-watched installation video

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


One Amazon Customer shared after installing their iGotTech #1 Best Selling Screen Door, “This thing is absolutely awesome! The quality is top of the line. It was SO easy to install! Took ten minutes and now our dogs can go in and out without worrying about flies getting in the house. I LOVE this product!


The amazing part is iGotTech’s #1 Best Selling Screen Door is versatile and can work for:


Single family homes

Mobile homes


Tiny Homes


Co-Founder Michael Graham shared, “We know we have a high-quality product that provides a great solution to our customer base.  Each day our inbox gets flooded with excited customers who truly love our product.  With that being said, iGotTech is always open to hearing from customers or potential customers about their unique sizing concerns.  We created our #1 Best Selling Screen Door based on the research we had done previously, but that was just a sampling of the market.”


For more information about iGotTech’s #1 Best Selling Screen Door please visit here.

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