Galaxy S6 Glass Screen Protector


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  • GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR GALAXY S6 EDGE TO EDGE - Your Galaxy S6 screen perfectly protected with our laser-cut TruClear Shatterproof Glass - a nearly imperceptible extension of your screen in look, feel & function. You'll likely forget it's there.
  • GALAXY S6 GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR - Why do 23% of Galaxy phones have significantly blemished screens? It happens all too easily! SOLVE those issues before they happen by buying this premium quality ballistic glass screen protector for Galaxy S6 today.
  • TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 - Click that Add To Cart Button before you drop that phone again! Consider that Full-Price Galaxy S6 replacements retail at $649.00 - $849.00 before tax. 1) Compare to price of this Tech Shield. 2) Add To Cart.
  • GALAXY S6 TEMPERED GLASS - Let your whole family breathe easier & save many of those inevitable chipped or cracked screens by ordering one for everyone ASAP. iGotTech's Tech Shield Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S6 will take those brutal hits ahead of your multi-hundred dollar phone. SEND US your story of how your Tech Shield saved your phone and your pocketbook!
  • 100% SHATTERPROOF GUARANTEE - Aren't pleased with your Galaxy S6 Tech Shield for ANY reason at all? Just let us know for a FULL Refund. Your Satisfaction is Always Our #1 Priority.